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Low Pressure

Low Pressure

1、Application scope

The side-type glue injection series give the molds of multi-cavity and slider mechanism more space for use, and are suitable for injecting and encapsulating products with various low-pressure hot melt molding resins. The process pressure is low (0-6MPa), it will not damage the parts, there is no chemical reaction, the molding is fast, cooling is the molding, and the molded product has the properties of insulation and waterproof. is widely used in the packaging and protection of precision and sensitive electronic components such as batteries, sensors, coils, wiring harnesses, connectors, PCBA, etc.

2、Equipment featurese
  • Machine and the glue melting system occupies a small space.
  • The glue injection speed can be adjusted through the panel, and the glue injection Control is more precise.
  • System adopts modular design,convenient and quick to repair and maintain.
  • Self-diagnosis function and various fault alarms。
  • The temperature of the glue tank and glue gun controlled independently.
  • Over temperature alarm and automatic heating stop function.
  • The position of the glue gun can be quickly adjusted , can easy to change the mold.
  • The New gear pump and glue gun, compact structure, stable glue injection,low failure rate.
  • Glue melting fast.short waiting time.
  • Two-hand operation and safety sensor can protect the safety of operators.
  • Equipped with product discharge cylinder, easy to take out the finished product.
  • HMI can store multiple material parameters (temperature / injection speed /mold open time / mold withdrawal time)
  • Automatic feeding system and multi-stage glue injection pressure control system.
  • Double-station single-gun side glue injection, giving more complex molds with multiple cavity and slider mechanisms more application space.
  • Double glue cylinder and injection system.
  • Pressurized cylinder clamping module system.
  • Mobile work table, (one die upper for two bottom die) improves production efficiency.
  • Mold cooling system

Machine Size / weight

W900Xl850xH1765(mm)   470kg

Space requirement


Height of working table


Melt glue system

Melt glue tank x 1 heating block x 1 nozzle x 1

Auto feeding system


Maximum injection glued

10g /RPM

Nozzle angle

30 degrees (standard) other angles can be customized

Input volt

200-240VAC / 1 Phase / 60 Hz/30A

Temperature control zone

glue tank /nozzle

Temperature range




Air presure


close mold method


close mold power


close mold stroke


Demould method


Demould power


Demould stroke


Control System


Safety protection

Grating, rear protective cover

Standard mold size

180 mm x 100 mm x 150 mm / 16 kg  

Maximum mold size

250 mm x 120 mm x 150 mm