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Silicone Filling Machine

Model : SL-A06


Silicone Filling System


A.Hydraulic Silicone Push Out Machine
B.Filling Machine

Production direction from left to right

Production direction from right to left

A.Hydraulic Silicone Push Out Machine:
l.2M * 1.5M * 3.0M (Length, Width, High)

B.Filling Machine: 4M * 2M * 2.5M (Length, Width, High)


A.Max Pressure: 35T
B.Filling Speed: 25~30 pcs/min
C.Filling Volume Tolerance: ±0.5%


A.Hydraulic Silicone Push Out Machine

1.Max pressure capacity: 35 Tons
2.Hydraulic motor : 7.5HP , max oil pressure 140 kg/cm2
3.Hydraulic oil: #68
4.Using water-cooling pipe attached unit to cool down the hydraulic oil temperature.
5.Keep the hydraulic oil temperature below 50℃
6.Cylinder diameter 180ψ,length 1100mm , max pressure 140kg/cm2
7.The circle pallet has two o-ring, which made of rubber. Please keep it away from sharp-pointed tool or fire.
8.The fix tube folder must be operated according to the standard, in order to avoid the axle of hydraulic cylinder from being hurt.
9.The o-ring is manufactured with model by Ming Feng.
10.The heavy type 60ψtube conveyer (option), length 2m,width 0.65m.

B.Filling Machine

1.Cartridge Supply Conveyer
2.Plunger Supply Conveyer
3.Horizontal Moving Unit
4.Filling / Deliver Cartridge System
5.Plunger Push Unit
6.Pressure Measurement Unit
7.Filling Nozzle Parts
8.Printer (option)
9.Printer Roller Unit (option)

1.Cartridge Supply Conveyer

Cartridge Supply System Divide In Two Parts:

(1.)Cartridge Storage Tank:
Tank made by stainless steel#304, thickness 1.5mm, capacity 700pcs.

(2.)Cartridge Take Up Conveyer:
Take up conveyer composed by stainless steel flat chain with 90w speed control motor, capacity 50pcs/min.

2.Plunger Supply System

Plunger Supply System Divide In Three Parts:

(1.)Plunger Storage Tank:
Tank made by stainless steel#304, thickness 1.5mm, capacity 3000pcs.

(2.)Plunger Filter Conveyer:
Filter conveyer chain made by stainless steel. Fuselage is cover with 2mm stainless steel. Capacity 38pcs/min.

(3.)Cartridge Slide Chute:
The chute is made by stainless steel, covered with oil absorption wool, capacity 30 plungers.

3.Horizontal Moving Unit

Horizontal Moving Unit use # 2060R special chain, can transport 100times/min. Using separator to locate the position. Locating fast and accurately, as the improved model of displacement. 

4.Filling / Deliver Cartridge System

Main Parts: (1.)FESTO Cylinder (25ψ*240mm)
MMain Parts:(2.)FESTO Locate Position Cylinder

The time and speed of cutting is the key to the silicone cutting perfectly or not. Although this machine is fully 

automatic, the operator must be aware of the coordination between both speed and time.

5.Plunger Push Unit

Main Parts: (1.)Plunger Push Cylinder (FESTO 63ψ*200mm)
Main Parts: (2.)Plunger Clip Cylinder (FESTO 12ψ*10mm)
Main Parts: (3.)Plunger Detect Cylinder (FESTO 8ψ*80mm)
The pressure of pushing plunger are tidily connect with the result if any air bubble remains in the cartridge. The plunger push cylinder is capable with a regulators, to adjust the pressure to an appropriate limit.The plunger detect cylinder is to detect the plunger push process function well, if not, it will alert and the machine will stop.

6.Pressure Measurement Unit

Pressure Measurement Unit Divide In Two Parts:
(1.)Hydraulic Measure Barrel

Using 63ψhydraulic cylinder for thrusting, screw nut above the hydraulic cylinder is used to adjust the volume. The barrel is ψ100, chromium plating surface. The piston’s surface is covered with chromium plating also. Please keep the silicone oil within the piston remain, in order to cut down the wear and tear.

(2.)Three way valve:

Three way valve is made of stainless steel. Please be careful with the copper axis inside the three way valve. It must not be tap to protect the surface, so as not to damage the precision.

7.Filling Nozzle Parts:

The Filling Nozzle Parts Divide In Two Parts:

(1.)Inner Core:

The core is made of stainless steel, connected with three way valve and empty cartridge. The inner core is stationary, only remove to wash when changing color. The smoothness of inner core is important to the process of pushing the silicone into the cartridge. Please make sure removing the residue silicone entirely when cleaning.

(2.)Outer Core:

The outer core is made of stainless steel. In charge of cutting the silicone. The size of outer core is smaller than inner core. Driving by clutch-brake motor, it will spin very fast , and the tube screw will reverse in another way. 

(3.)Cutting Power Group

The cutting power group is composed of a 1/2 HP motor, a set of timing pulley and a break clutch. The motor keep running , when the clutch run, can reach high speed cutting immediately.


A.The Program Language Controller (PLC) Control Whole Production Process.

B.The Function of Man Machine Interface (MMI):

1.Parameter Modification
2.Manual & Semi-Auto
3.Showing Error Massage
4.Showing the Method of Trouble Shooting

C.Auto Detect Function

1.Mistake Direction of Cartridge
2.Cartridge Shortage
3.Silicone Filling Shortage
4.Plunger Shortage
5.Mistake Direction of Plunger
6.Located Position Error
7.Exit Crowed

*When the error above accrue, the Program Language Controller (PLC) will stop all system and show error message on the Man Machine Interface (MMI) with recommendation of trouble shooting. The machine will only re-operate when the problem has been solve.